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Leading the field in the UK and Europe, Bushcraft Expeditions has an unrivalled record for teaching bushcraft and survival skills and for leading overseas wilderness expeditions. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality trips and courses while providing good value for money. Our instructors' experience and knowledge stems from over 35 years of teaching these skills and from living and working with indigenous cultures all over the world.

Bushcraft Expeditions is the only UK course and expedition provider whose guides and instructors are certified by the exacting standards of the Professional Association of Wilderness Guides and Instructors (PAWGI) and comply with the Royal Geographical Society's British Safety Standard: BS8848

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School of Bushcraft and Wilderness Travel

Bushcraft and survival skills are something our forefathers learnt from their fathers; these skills became second nature to them. They had the ability to live at one with their environment and to utilize the resources around them, brought about by a greater understanding and respect for the natural world. These skills are slowly being eroded and lost to our modern way of life.
We believe in the value of cultural education and wilderness experiences. Through learning new skills while enjoying the motivation of a more elemental environment, we provide the opportunity to learn more about yourself as well as the people native to the region and the land they inhabit. With our various UK courses and overseas expeditions we hope to share our enthusiasm for "once in a lifetime" adventures whilst highlighting the plight of vanishing cultures from around the globe.

Expedition and course itineraries include subjects such as:

  • Bushcraft and survival skills
  • Traditional living skills
  • Nature awareness
  • Tracking and hunting
  • Ethno-botany
  • Conservation
  • Traditional woodland crafts
  • Indigenous transport methods

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